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What else I do around here: a little bit of everything; commercials, live broadcasts, load the dishwasher, clean the gutters and take Bubba for walks in the evening (the last two I really don’t do, but maybe….uh…er….NO!)

Born: May 8 in Evansville, Indiana. I’m the baby of the family and wasn’t spoiled at all (….and if you believe that…!)

Raised: Tell City, Indiana (but I’ve lived in Kentucky for more than 20 years, so I bleed blue. Go Cats!)

Education: Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a variety of responses! But Uncle Sam knows I graduated from Tell City High School. Also a graduate of Vincennes University (Indiana) with a degree in Radio and Television production. I also attended Western Kentucky University with emphasis in Public Relations. I really loved college, just not going to class!

Why Radio: Always loved listening to the radioas a kid and up into my teens. Then, for a high school speech class we had to create a radio show with music, talk, commercials…the whole deal! What I found was that I had a passion for the radio business. Now more than 20 years later, I still look forward to getting up in the morning and doing what I love, oh, and I get paid for it! I feel extremely blessed and wish every person could make a living doing what truly makes them happy.

Family: My beautiful daughter, Abigail (so smart and creative and my roller coaster buddy….what a gem she is) and son Micah,  my future golfing buddy!

Siblings: 3 sisters and 2 brothers.

Pets: 2 cats…  Zoe (Calico) and Cloe (Tortoise Shell) and probably some others hidden in the couch cushions.

Hobbies: Grilling…..give me a piece of carcass and an open flame and that’s just about utopia for this guy (with a cold one of course!). Tiger Woods 2008 on the Wii. I’m a simple man!

Favorite Sports To Play: GOLF! Would play everyday if I could! Like to watch the Golf Channel, too! I know it sounds crazy…..my wife says she rather watch paint dry. Hey, I learn from watching the GC (and it’s the only way I can control the remote in my house). I enjoy a good Saturday afternoon of Corn Hole, volleyball, swimming, ping-pong, roller coasters (hey, that IS a sport for some people)….basically if it involves a ball and/or outdoors, count me in.

Favorite Sports to Watch: Golf (oh, yea, been there already), college basketball (UK)/football, baseball (live, not on TV…..rather watch the grass grow and I actually enjoy doing that). Enjoy watching most sports, except for Curling….never really got that one.

Favorite Music Groups/Performers: Van Halen ({ALL TIME}original with David Lee Roth, not Van Hagar), Rush, Styx…..lots of 1970’s and early 1980’s rock bands. Brad Paisley (great sense of humor and incredible guitarist), Vince Gill, Garth Brooks (sometimes over the top but what an entertainer) and a ton more! Can’t stand Hip-Hop….or polka…..or HipHop Polka. Enough said!

Favorite Food: Marinated/grilled Rib-Eye, filet, pork ribs, burgers…ok, if it’s grilled….. Cheese cake (perfect finish to a meal!). Bottom line…..I like food!

Bucket List: Win the lottery (ok, so it probably won’t happen, but I can put it on the list, can’t I?), emulate my dad as a husband and father, see my children graduate from college, walk my daughter down the aisle (a long, long time from now) and walk/or play the fairways at Augusta National and Pebble Beach (gotta get some golf in there, too, you know!!!!!)

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