Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Preston Green

Weekdays 1-3pm


Bio: I was born July 27th way back, early in the final decade of the 90’s. I’m very proud to say I was born and raised on a family farm tucked away in the ever scenic Oakland, KY. I knew radio and broadcasting as a whole was for me at a very young age. I grew up attending drag races at various tracks around the country as my stepfather raced and I would always find a way, no matter where we traveled, to make my way up to the media box and hop on the microphone to make announcements! I attended and graduated from Warren East High School in 2010 and promptly started my College days at WKU. Working through TV/Radio in my 4 years of College, plus a little luck and great people allotting me the opportunities, I found myself here at my new home of Forever Communications and furthermore The Beaver! You can hear me as apart of the Beaver Morning Crew with my great partners Dan and Bailey from 6-10 AM Monday-Saturday, as well as Sundays from 1pm-7pm!

Hobbies: I am a man of MANY hobbies! For starters, I am a sports fanatic! Football is fantastic but my true love has always been Basketball. I know what your wondering, and YES, I bleed BLUE… Go Big Blue! When I’m not watching old games of the Cats, you can typically find me catching a flick with my wife Cierra or playing some games because I am also quite the film buff along with gamer. My favorite films revolve typically around the Horror or Superhero genre. Films like the original Halloween and The Dark Knight come to mind as a few of my personal favorites! It goes without saying that I also have a passion for MUSIC! To be honest, my likes/dislikes change by the day but with country music specifically I am an old school kind of guy! Give me some Willie, Waylon, and Cash and I’ll be good to go!

Twitter: @PrestonGreen967