Friday 24th September 2021

Andy Morgan

“I was born in a crossfire hurricane and howled at my ma in the driving rain… Okay, slight exaggeration. But I was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky and have lived here ever since including attending Greenwood High School and WKU.
I waste the majority of my money on collecting records, going to concerts and festivals, and going out to eat too much. I would like to consider myself very eclectic and my favorite artists range anywhere from Iron Maiden to Regina Spektor and from David Bowie to Roger Miller.
I love books, chips and salsa, and classic film. I hate violence, closed-mindedness, and unsweet tea, not necessarily in that order.
I have been with the All Hit WUHU 107 for about 5 years and I am on the BG Morning Show with Brooke Monday through and I love my job.”