The Real Trader – Wednesday 9/16/2020

The Real Trader- Brought to you by:  Ken Davis Produce, Zaxby’s, Dial Reality & Auction, Haywood Sales and Service, Elmore Reality and Auction, and Jeff Lee’s Automotive

FOR SALE- Child’s tractor with wagon and decals- like new- $250 obo- 270-528-1574

FOR SALE- Metal (some pieces are new) also a small cabinet, canning jars, and a corner cabinet- 270-528-5425

FOR SALE- 20” bicycle (pink) NEW- $35- 270-670-8639

FOR SALE- Ford 4000 diesel tractor with bucket, bush-hog, and other equipment- 270-651-3692

FOR SALE- 1920s round table with marble center- $50- 270-576-8697

FOR SALE- Tony Little Gazelle (foldable) $100 obo- pics are available- 270-991-0396

FOR SALE- Body Rider exercise machine- $15- 270-670-7278

FOR SALE- 1998 Mercury Lesabre- $1000, 197CC dirt bike with new tires- $500- 270-404-5543

FOR SALE- Lawn mower parts and a John Deere and Cub Cadet mower- 270-457-4236

FOR SALE- Complete 454 Chevy motor, Lots or Corvette Rally wheels, Old license plates (1920s and up) Western Flier wagons and some small block Chevy intakes- 270-576-2164

FOR SALE- 2 sets of Master Craft tires- 235/75/15- $20 each, and 265/52/20- $40 each- 270-576-0971

FOR SALE- Set of 22” Mag wheels and tires and a LG cell phone- 502-689-8368

FOR SALE- 2001 Chevy Impala with 20” rims- $1200, ARC welder- $100, 2001 Pontiac transmission- $125, Motor and transmission for a 2001 Chevy Impala- $150, Small deep freeze- $125, Small fireplace heater- $40- 270-473-4111

FOR SALE- 2 riding mowers and a generator- $125 for all- 270-202-7083

FOR SALE- 65 rolls of hay- $25 each- 270-202-7291

FOR SALE- Horse drawn Doctor’s buggy- $1000- 270-526-0028

FOR SALE- (2) 5 gallon buckets of blacktop sealer- $40 for both- 270-361-1130

FOR SALE- 2013 Nissan Rogue- nice and clean- all wheel drive- 91K- $10,000- 270-438-2471

FOR SALE- 2001 Corvette convertible- new top- A1 condition- $14,500 obo- 270-943-0557

FOR SALE- Gas oven (double oven) like new- $25, Gas fireplace insert- nice- $25, Heavy I beam (10”x17.5 feet) $100, Table and 4 chairs (like new) $150, and looking for some pallets- 270-528-1242


LOOKING FOR- Oak corner hutch- 270-670-6842

LOOKING FOR- A camper (something in descent condition) 270-678-5889

LOOKING FOR- Set of headers for a 1988-1998 Chevy pickup, Junked cars, Catalytic converters- 270-597-7552

LOOKING FOR- A 6×10 trailer- 270-457-4236

LOOKING FOR- Used metal for a 6×12 trailer floor- 270-678-5931

LOOKING FOR- Family is looking for a 2 bedroom house or place to rent in Hiseville KY- 270-261-1451



FREE- Double love seat recliner (cloth tan) 270-991-0396



Emailed Items-


Looking for some light help with farm work repairing a chicken coop and some other things. Also looking for a newborn calf for sale. Contact number 270-670-6105


  FOR SALE- 9 laying hens cuckoo Maran they are one year old and   then have 11 cuckoo Maran that are 3 months old $200 for all call or text 270-670-1915


All aluminum 8 ft x 20 ft boat no motor. 4 fishing chairs, hummingbird 998 depth finder. Lots of locked storage also all aluminum trailer (new)
$8,900.00 OBO cell 615- 338-7257